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24 April 2024

  • curprev 13:1113:11, 24 April 2024Starbuckviper talk contribs 454 bytes +454 Created page with "{{UnderConstruction}} {{Box item |name=Heather |image=HEATHER.jpg |desc= Purple bushes |stack= 100 |cargo= |tier=4 |sell= |buy= }} = Description = Heather is a Tier 4 Foraging crop which yield Tier 4 Fine Plant Fiber = Obtain = Use a Perfect Ferralith Machete or above to farm these, a T4 Machete = Use = Can be used at a Tailoring Station to create T4 Sturdy Twine Can be used at a Scholar Station to create T4 Sturdy Parchment = Spawn Area= Tundra"