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This will list the different types of items and how recipes/crafting works.

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Different Types of Items


These are things obtained directly from the game environment without further processing. The name of the material and the name of the material source are generally different.
Sticks - from a bush
Log - from a young beech tree, a rotten log, a rotten stump, a rough wood trunk
Wood Trunk - from a young beech tree
Berries - from a strawberry bush
Wild Grain
Moonlit Crawdads
Animal Bone
Animal Hide
Clay Lump
Pyrelite Ore Chunk - from a Pyrelite Ore Outcrop
Plant Fibre


Foods may be consumed to restore stamina, and they also increase satiety (fullness). Low quality food can fill you up more than it boosts stamina. Some food can be harvested directly. At tier 1, it is possible to consume berries and mushrooms directly.
cooked berries = 10 berries (picked), cooked (prepared in a basic cook building)
plain basic mushroom skewer = 10 mushrooms, cooked
plain roasted meat = basic raw meat, cooked
plain mashed starbulb = 5 basic starbulbs, cooked
plain skewered baitfish = 2 moonlit crawdads, cooked
these are all single-ingredient recipes worth 80 stamina when consumed. More complex and multi-step recipes start to have higher stamina restoration, but these two simple recipes also only give 80 stamina. {need to record satiety values for these various foods}
basic embergrain dough (not edible) = 5 embergrain flour + 1 bucket of water (can be cooked in oven to make a plain bread unit)
plain trailmix = 2 wild grain + 2 berry
these are 150 stamina recipes (or inedible partial recipes, that must then be baked in an oven)
plain ground meat and mashed bulb = 2 roast meat + 1 plain mashed starbulb (from above) + 1 salt
plain vegetable stew = 3 basic starbulb + 5 basic mushroom + bucket of water + 2 salt
plain meat sandwich = 1 roast meat + 2 basic starbulb + 1 plain bread (see basic embergrain dough)
plain raw dumpling (not edible) = 1 roast meat + 1 basic embergrain dough + 1 salt
mushroom bulbs = 10 basic starbulbs + 5 mushrooms + 1 salt
plain raw berry pie (not edible) = 3 cooked berries + 1 basic embergrain dough
there are some special recipes that do not give stamina, but other effects
plain hot tea OR plain chill tea = 5 basic flower + 1 bucket water (provides warmth in cold environment, or coolness in hot environment, respectively)
basic crop oil = 15 basic starbulbs (an ingredient in other foods and a supply for other professions)



To utilize each Skill a corresponding tool is required.

for carpentry a saw
for cooking a pot
for farming a hoe
for fishing a rod
for foraging a machete
for hunting a bow
for leatherworking a knife
for masonry a chisel
for mining a pickaxe
for scholar a quill
for smithing a hammer
for tailoring a scissor
in addition, there is a basic tool called a mallet (different than a hammer) that enables terraforming.
The beginner tools are made from logs, rope and flint pieces. Tier one tools are made with Pyrelite in lieu of flint.