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This page is currently under construction. Please be patient as we get everything ready.

In order to be eligible to play BitCraft's Closed Alpha, you have to have access to a key. As of April 2nd, 2024, Closed Alpha has officially started.

Creating an account

If you haven't yet, you must create an account on the Alpha Hub. Once you have, you will receive an email with a "Secure Login" button that you have to press. This link must be clicked on the device that you want to use to access the Alpha Hub, otherwise you'll have to sign in again.

Sometimes the emails do end up in spam/junk folders, so make sure to check those.

Getting a key

In order to get a key for BitCraft, there are events within the Discord server where they give away Closed Alpha keys. There is also a random chance for you to receive one through the Alpha Hub, so make sure to keep an eye on your email.

Once you have a key, you can enter it in within the game's client.

Downloading the game




This is an Alpha test in the original meaning of the word. There will be bugs, some features are still missing, and BitCraft's team may need to make changes on short notice.[1]

Using a Key

Once you launched the game, on the login screen choose “I have a game key” and you'll have to manually either copy/paste or type it in. If you see an "Update" button in the launcher, please click to update to the latest version.

First Day


You can find a full list of the controls on the Controls page.