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Before release of the BitCraft several Alpha and Beta tests of the game are expected to take place. On this page you can read about each test period holded by developers.

First Closed Alpha

Starting April 2nd, people who have been given a Closed Alpha key either through the Closed Alpha Access event on the Alpha Hub or through a Discord were able to participate in the playtest. Server capacity has increased throughout the First Closed Alpha, as well as more keys were given out.

Core game mechanics, systems and content presented in the First Closed Alpha:

  • Character customization
  • Developing/upgrading of Claims
  • 13 professions to master
  • Tier I to VI progression
  • Global and Local chat for communication
  • Carts and boats for cargo transportation
  • Direct trading and trading stalls
  • 4048 x 4048 world map size
  • 9 land biomes: Breezy Plains, Calm Forest, Autumn Forest, Desert, Tundra, Coniferous Forest, Stone Garden, Snowy Peaks, Swamp
  • Two weather hazards: hot weather and freezing weather
  • Terraforming: digging land up or down
  • Recruitment system for your claim

BitCraft Alpha Launch Stream

To learn more about how to access the Closed Alpha, please check out the Getting Started guide.

Fisrt Closed Alpha ended on 30th of April 2024.

Second Closed Alpha

Expected to begin on 17th of June 2024. New access key is required to join the Second Closed Alpha.

As of 7th of June 2024 the launch of the Second Closed Alpha is postponed to the 8th of July 2024.[1]