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Patch Notes & Known Issues

Patch notes for 05/04/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players where losing their queue spot when crashing in queue
  • Fixed some of the crashes players were having both in-game and in queue
  • It’s raining Lavender! Fixed Resources not properly respawning, specifically lavender was down to 16% of it’s intended amount globally, should be back to normal amounts and staying there
  • Fixed a bug where players could deconstruct Traveler Ruins
  • Fixed a bug caused by players deconstructing traveler ruins to get travelers moving, restocking and selling again
  • Fixed a bug where players could unintentionally add a cargo to the vault, deleting it in the process (Vehicle cargo should be taken and traded to Brico to get a vehicle deed)
  • Fixed incorrect logic that was leading to a possible item dupe
  • Fixes a bug that was allowing players to hold stacks of many cargo on their back at once
  • Fixed an issue with Interior Houses causing framerate to drop really low
  • Fixed an issue when leaving houses/ruins you would not correctly load into the world
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to post links in chat (we’ll see about bringing colored text back in the future)
  • We’re aware of a regression caused by this during the tutorial text from wisp and will be patching shortly

Content Changes

  • TRIPLED the amount player slots in claims! Enjoy your new cities!
  • Nerfed Crit Multiplier (further rebalance to XP rates coming soon)
  • Buffed Crop Oil Supplies Recipe
  • Ruins obstacles now give some XP
  • Perfected tools now visually show as the tier above to make it more clear that they can gather/craft the tier above
  • Fixed a content bug where Farming above Tier 2 wasn’t possible
  • Rebalanced amount of Wispweave filaments needed for making cloth
  • Reduced number of Ancient Nails needed for Brico packs. Let’s get those Skiffs!
  • Increased the stock of Carts, Rafts, and Skiffs in Brico’s shop
  • Fixed a bug where Rocky Garden rocks were dropping an unusable incorrect cargo


Known Issues


Some players are experiencing frequent crashes during the login queue. Players do not retain their position in queue upon restarting the client. The grace period for rejoining the game upon crash is not consistently being applied, causing some players to rejoin the login queue. Some players are experiencing issues logging into the game.


Major performance issues inside interiors. Lag or "rubber banding" during peak hours.


Some players are experiencing issues installing the client.


The macOS build is less tested than Windows so it may be less stable. We are aware of an issue where some objects show up as pink because of a shader error.


Entering ruins or player build housing seem to sometimes cause big lag. You may need to restart if this is happening.

Can't move anymore

We noticed an issue where you sometimes can't move anymore. Logging out and then back in should fix this. We are investigating the root cause.


The map is still using an older style and UI. We are planning an update to make the map really cool!

Movement Controls

Technically not an issue, but some players may disagree. This game is point-and-click. We have tested WASD internally, and will continue to explore other movement schemes.


There are some UI crashes that are unrecoverable. We tried to fix as many of these as we can, but when they do happen you will need to restart the game.


We tried to generate icons for everything (there are many thousands of elements) but it's possible that some icons are incorrect or missing.


Many skills are still in prototype state (e.g. farming). We are planning to add more depth, variety and uniqueness to each skill.

General Jank

This is an alpha, there will be some janky things here and there.