Tier Advancement

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Welcome to the tier advancement guide! To advance in tier, every harvesting and crafting skill is used. Note: Perfected tools of each tier allow you to harvest resources of 1 tier higher
To make Perfected tools you require:-

Tier I (Perfected Pyrelite):

  • 1x Pyrelite Tool
  • 1x Rough Tool Handle
  • 1x Bone Glue
  • 2x Pyrelite Ingot
  • 1x Schematic

Perfected tools require 10 additional skill to equip, and 20 to harvest the next tier of resources
Perfected tool handles require 4 leather straps, 2 processed planks, and 1 cloth bolt of the tier.
The tool itself requires the tool to be upgraded, tool schematic, and 2 ingots.

    T1 Perfected Pyrelite Tools can gather T2 nodes if you are level 10. this will help you advance into T2 Buildings and tools.
    Note: To be able to gather T2 materials, you must have profession/skill level 20.