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A page about the world map and how it links into the story and its lore.

Some early map observations from the Alpha:

Player location is an intersection of a Longitude line (running north and south) and a Latitude line (running east to west). Example coordinates N 1484 E 1208. Each coordinate is a hex and as you move 1 Hex North the N number goes up by 1. As you move 1 Hex East the E number goes up by 1. The example coordinates should be 1484 Hexes North of the Equator and 1208 Hexes East of the Prime Meridian. The original assumption was that Players south of the Equator and West of the Prime Meridian would have coordinates of S xxxx W xxxx, however a player in game that reached coordinates of N 0000 E 0000 confirmed that those coordinates were the end, or beginning, of the map as they could not move to a Hex with S xxxx W xxxx coordinates on the map.

This would suggest that N 0000 E 0000 is the lower left corner Hex of the world map and that if a player were to run north east until they could no longer travel in that direction, they would be at the other corner Hex of the map (top right). Discovering the coordinates for that Hex would revile the actual size of the map, how many Hexes it contains, assuming the map is rectangular.