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The Empire System is still under development and not currently available during Closed Alpha.

Known Details

The core gameplay at this scale is about players making a mark on the world. The content is purely player-made and stems from the cooperation and conflict between empires.

For some players, the ultimate endgame will be developing a powerful character. For others, it might be building a bustling settlement. For many players the ultimate end game will be having their name tied to a large swath of BitCraft’s persistent world. The Empire scale is designed to create an everlasting outlet for conflict and competition between players interested in the intersection of large group leadership and plots of intrigue and strategy. In order to prevent the Empire scale from trampling players focused on the lower scales, we’ve made it so the only rewards for “winning” at the Empire scale are fame and the ability to influence decisions made by players at lower scales. Additionally, Empires heavily rely on settlements and characters to exist, maintaining the symbiotic relationship between empire, settlements, and characters.

Unlike the Character and Settlement scales, at the Empire scale part of the excitement is its “high risk, high reward” nature. This is one area of the game where full on conflict between players is encouraged. They have taken careful steps to ensure that the conflict between empires will continue by setting the systems to favor new empires and challenge incumbents. This makes for a more exciting experience for the players at the empire scale and creates a more rich player history for those at other scales.[1]


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