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Professions in BitCraft are a measure of player characters' skills in various tasks and activities. There are currently 13 Professions, each of which may be raised to a maximum of Lv. 100 when enough Experience is gained. [1]

Profession overview


Tasks in BitCraft that take time to complete, such as gathering a resource or crafting an item, are usually associated with a Profession. For instance, chopping trees is a Forestry task while processing wood into planks is a Carpentry task. Performing a task gains Experience in the matching Profession, eventually gaining levels up to a soft-cap of 100.


Professions may be loosely divided into gathering and crafting professions:

The general idea seems to be that every gathering Profession has a matching crafting Profession, such as Forestry to Carpentry or Mining to Smithing & Masonry. More advanced crafting projects usually need extra materials from all over the gathering and processing industry. Scholar is a single Profession that performs tasks equivalent to gathering and crafting all on its own, but still requires support from the other Professions.


Each Profession is associated with a particular type of tool, such as a hammer or a chisel. Most tasks beyond the very beginning of the game require a tool equipped and can't be performed without one.

Tools of a higher power require a higher Profession level to equip, but have a higher tool power. A higher tool power allows characters to perform that Profession's tasks more quickly. For instance, the default Flint tools have a power of 8 while the Pyrelite tools (non-perfected) have a power of 12. Therefore, tasks are performed 50% more quickly with Pyrelite tools than with Flint.

A player character may equip one of every tool type simultaneously and will automatically prepare the correct tool for the current task.


Reaching certain milestones in a Profession grants in-game achievements and cosmetic options. Every 10 levels gives a character title while every 20 unlocks Profession-themed cosmetic outfit pieces in the Vault.


Skill Description
Hex Gold.svg Carpentry Sawing and carving raw wood into planks, beams and other wood products
Hex Gold.svg Cooking Making food and drinks, extracting oils for wood products
Hex Gold.svg Farming Preparing and planting seeds, tending to crops, harvesting and processing farmed crops
Hex Gold.svg Fishing Making bait, catching fish, processing fish
Hex Gold.svg Foraging Finding mushrooms, wild fibers, wild flowers and wild seeds
Hex Gold.svg Forestry Cutting trees, seeding and planting saplings, collecting sap, making charcoal
Hex Gold.svg Hunting Catching and harvesting animals
Hex Gold.svg Leatherworking Making tannin, drying and tanning hides into leather, processing leather into products
Hex Gold.svg Masonry Crushing and carving stone, shaping and processing clay into ceramics, mixing mortar, cutting gems
Hex Gold.svg Mining Mining for rocks, gems, ore and precious metals, prospecting
Hex Gold.svg Scholar Used for tier advancement, knowledge is learned primarily through ancient ruins
Hex Gold.svg Smithing Preparing and processing ore, smelting and smithing ingots, turning metal into products
Hex Gold.svg Tailoring Processing fibers and filaments into fabrics and strings, creating products from cloth